Sunday, July 2, 2017

Yevgeni Pervyshov: “Our ‘Public’ Diplomacy Brings Together Peoples of Two Countries”

Image from article, with caption: "Krasnodar City Mayor Yevgeni Pervyshov recounts of the many year’s cooperation experience between Krasnodar and Karlsruhe, broad expansion of German business and promising ways for partnership."

During this week, Krasnodar will be highlighted in the newsreels of federal news agencies. It is no wonder, for the 14th Conference of Russian – German partner cities to be held in Krasnodar show promise to become an important event in the country’s public and political life. The scale and importance of the event may be described by the fact that Russian and German Foreign Ministers plan to visit Krasnodar to take part in the Conference.

“For our city, it is an honour to hold such large-scale international event. The fact that the Conference will be held in politically and economically challenging time for Russia’s relations with its European partners, attaches even more significance and peculiar sense to it. And the interest our German partners – politicians, public figures and mayors of the twin cities – are showing to the Conference prove their commitment to maintain and further develop efficient bilateral contacts.

“The relations between the twin cities of Krasnodar and Karlsruhe have been fruitfully developing for 25 years. For more than once, they have been acknowledged exemplary.

“I hope that all scheduled activities will be held at a high level. We will discuss issues of inter-municipal links, economy, culture, youth exchanges and sports.

“I am confident that the participants will work fruitfully continuing an active dialogue between Russia and Germany, establish new contacts and give an additional impetus to the existing ones. Such ‘people’s’ diplomacy, diplomacy of friends and partners should exert a positive impact on the development of constructive contacts between our countries’ top representatives.

“As for the further fate of the forum, I hope that its format should retain, so that both Krasnodar and Karlsruhe will take an active part in the activities scheduled for 2019.”

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