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Features and ways of development of modern international relations

Guliants, Victoria,

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[W]orth noting is the considerable impact of soft power (soft power) on the development of modern international relations. The concept of soft power by Joseph Nye, means the ability to achieve desired goals in the international arena, without using forcible methods (hard power), and applying political ideology, culture, society and the state, and foreign policy (diplomacy). In Russia the concept of “soft power” appeared in the 2010 pre-election article Vladimir Putin “Russia and the changing world”, where the President has clearly formulated the definition of this concept: “Soft power” - a set of tools and methods to achieve foreign policy goals without the use of weapons, but due to the information and other levers of influence”. [10]
At the moment the most obvious examples of the development of “soft power” is held in Russia in 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi and the FIFA world Cup in 2018 in many cities of Russia.

It should be noted that the concept of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation 2013 and 2016 refers to “soft power”, using tools which is recognized as an integral part of foreign policy. [11] However, the difference between the concepts is the role of public diplomacy. In the foreign policy Concept of Russia 2013 paid great attention to public diplomacy, as it creates a favorable image of the country abroad. A vivid example of public diplomacy in Russia is the establishment in 2008 of the Fund for public diplomacy support named after A. Gorchakov, the main mission of which is "promotion of development of public diplomacy, and promoting the creation of a favourable for Russia, social, political and business climate abroad." [12] But, despite the positive impact of public diplomacy on Russia, in the Russian foreign policy Concept, 2016 no issues of public diplomacy, that seems pretty inappropriate, since public diplomacy is an institutional and instrumental basis for the implementation of "soft power". However, it should be noted that in the system of Russian public diplomacy actively and successfully developing directions related with international information policy, which is a good springboard to improve the efficiency of foreign policy work.

Thus, if Russia is to develop its concept of soft power, based on the principles of foreign policy Concept of the Russian Federation 2016, namely the rule of law in international relations, in an equitable and sustainable world order, Russia on the international arena will be perceived positive. ...
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