Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Treacherous Rundown of the Spymaster onto Afghan Peace and Development scenarios

Intizar Khadim, pajhwok.com

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It was Jan 2016 when the trilateral peace dialogue convened in Serena Hotel- Islamabad. I was one of the key note-speaker form Afghanistan. During my speech, I touched upon multitude of hot-button issues in the political systems of both countries. I tried to finger the strategic misgivings of the top elites in Afghanistan and Pakistan. ...

I am not fully satisfied what Indians do in Afghanistan. The Afghan-Indian strategic partnership can not be concluded in Salma Dam or nitty-gritty development projects here and there but, Indians, comparsions [sic] to many other regional countries have been proven productive and offered constructive engagement. The way Mr. Durani extrapolated the Indians’ role in the country is dismaying; and the book put the worst Afghan scenario to be the result of India-US juncture in Afghanistan only. ...

In the era of intense distrust among Pakistan and Afghanistan ... cohesive and inclusive messages are needed than to to air mixed and vexed lines. Also, the recent state-to-state engagement will not respond to the loomed diplomatic turbulences between the countries but public-to-public diplomacy [JB emphasis] is also an essential part if one expects smooth future relations. Authors, analysts, and media of the two countries shoulder a big weight of constructive engagement, therefore, all state and non-state actors are liable morally and professionally to drive things to the desirable end and make the two nation peaceful, blessed and developing. This is what the two nations of the two countries deserve, and sooner or latter, the Afghan nation in particular should have solace and stability at the country level. Amen, Amen.

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