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Photo exhibition featuring stories of China and Germany kicks off in G

The photo exhibition “Germany Story · China Story” [Photo provided to]

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Featuring the stories of China and Germany, a photo exhibition opened its doors at the Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace in Guangzhou on May 30, 2018.

Titled “Germany Story · China Story”, the exhibition displays 30 groups (60 pieces) of works by photographer Steve Zhao, with a focus on cultural comparison.

In the exhibition, you can see a grandpa in Berlin picking up his grandson from school, and a grandpa in Nanjing walking his grandchild to kindergarten; a postman in Cologne on his bicycle and a postman in Suzhou on his e-bike; sanitation workers in Hamburg and in Shanghai; waitresses of a fast food restaurant in Frankfurt and in Haikou; you can see people in the bakery, on the fruit market, at the barber’s shop, next to the breakfast trolley and in many more situations in both countries.

According to the organizers, Steve Zhao launched the China Story image project in 1996, which has been photographed from Beijing, Shanghai, Sanya, Guizhou, Haikou, Suzhou and Nanjing for more than two decades. Since 2012, he has made several trips to Germany and shot thousands, if not ten thousands of photos in Germany alone, photographing German cities and villages, historical sites, natural scenery and everyday life of ordinary people. After that, he matched selected shots of Germany with photos taken in China.

“Although the history, culture and social systems of Germany and China are quite distant, the daily lives of the two people are strikingly close,” said exhibition curator Dr. Jasmin Gong-Fleischer, “Steve Zhao’s works capture the beauty of ordinary human life in two countries, and document a journey of cross-cultural encounters, successfully crossing the borderlines between journalism and public diplomacy [JB emphasis], while creating astoundingly aesthetical art.”

Steve Zhao explained that he started shooting series of China Story because he believed China needs a beautiful legend, and started telling Germany Story because he thought German is a perfect example for people to learn.
The exhibition is co-organized by the Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou and the Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace. Mr. Martin Fleischer, consul general of Germany in Guangzhou, Quan Hong, curator of the Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace, exhibition curator Dr. Jasmin Gong-Fleischer, photographer Steve Zhao and representatives from the consulates general of foreign countries in Guangzhou attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Period: May 30th - June 20th, 2018 ...

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