Friday, June 8, 2018

Vacancy Notification/Notification de la vacance: NATO Programme Coordinator (180450)

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Primary Location
NATO International Staff (NATO IS)
Application Deadline
Salary (Pay Basis)
3,372.00Euro (EUR) Monthly
Grade B.3/B.4
Clearance Level NS


Are you an expert in communications and public diplomacy [JB emphasis]? Are you good at coordinating complex communication initiatives in a challenging international environment? Are you concerned about peace and security today? If the answer is yes, this job might be for you. NATO’s Engagements Section is looking for a programme coordinator to work directly with the Head of Section to further boost and modernise the Section’s external relations work around the world. We are looking for a highly motivated individual with strong networking and communication skills to help us strengthen NATO’s people-to-people and digital engagement.


NATO’s Public Diplomacy efforts serve a vital function within the Alliance by communicating its purpose and priorities to audiences worldwide. In fulfilling this role, the Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) actively strengthens NATO’s public image, thereby fostering trust in and support for the Alliance.

PDD works to promote security cooperation through a variety of programmes in NATO Nations and partner countries and contributes to a continuous process of international security debate and policy creation. The Division also acts as coordinator for strategic communication activities across all NATO civilian and military bodies and harmonises public diplomacy activities undertaken by other Divisions at NATO Headquarters (HQ), as well as by other entities belonging to the NATO structure.

The Engagements Section’s principal goals are to strengthen NATO’s public image, foster awareness and understanding of NATO, its values, policies and activities, and ultimately enhance trust in and support for the Alliance. The Section’s strategic outlook is aligned to the NATO Communications Strategy. The Section is committed to building long-term relationships, fostering dialogue and cooperation with relevant audiences in NATO countries and around the world through a combination of people-to-people as well as digital engagement methods and tools. To that effect, the Section engages with influencers, opinion leaders, and decision makers as well as online interest groups and representatives of the post-Cold-War generations. Cooperation themes are guided by NATO’s evolving political agenda, with a focus on four main thematic pillars: defence and security; deterrence and dialogue; projecting stability and cross-cutting themes such as the importance of the transatlantic bond and Alliance principles and values.

The incumbent will carry out the duties of Programme Coordinator in the Section and work in direct support to the Head of Section. He/she is accountable for a wide range of support duties of an administrative, organisational and / or substantial nature. In particular he/she will work with the Head of Section in the planning,  implementation and monitoring of a broad range of Section-wide assignments and  activities, also in the context of broader communication campaigns, in NATO Nations, partner countries or at NATO Headquarters. ...

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