Sunday, July 8, 2018

The US authorities accused the Russian government in attempts to limit media freedom


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The US authorities accused the Russian government in attempts to “limit media freedom” ten days before the scheduled summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

“The Russian government continues to restrict freedom of the press and the independence of the media”, said the US Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] and Public Affairs, Heather Nauert. “We condemn the actions against Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America, classified by the Russian media law as foreign agents”, added she.

These radio stations, which are funded by the US Congress, as well as seven other related media, are categorized as “foreign agents” in Russia.

The classification was introduced by a law passed in November in response to the obligation of Russian TV to register under this name in the United States.

The US State Department also condemned a draft bill that would extend the scope of the term “foreign agent” to include any journalist working for media in this category.

“The bill could give the Russian government a new tool for punitive measures against independent journalists and bloggers because of their activities”, says the US State Department.

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