Friday, August 12, 2016

1st Public Diplomacy Award in the Netherlands

"1st Public Diplomacy Award in the Netherlands,"

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In the presence of ambassadors and noted international relations researchers, the Netherlands’ first Public Diplomacy Award was launched on 24 June 2016 in The Hague. The award constitutes recognition of the efforts of heads of diplomatic missions and other dignitaries to promote strategic diplomatic engagement with non-state actors.

The inaugural award was bestowed upon H.E. Gabriel Edgardo Aguilera, Ambassador of Guatemala, in a ceremony at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel. The Ambassador was commended for his extraordinary engagements with Dutch civil society, and the instigation of successful foreign cultural programmes in the Netherlands.

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The Public Diplomacy Award will recognise both career diplomats and other members of the international community in the Netherlands; in charge of the selection of the laureates are a group of members of the diplomatic corps and Dutch academia.

The award was presented jointly by Elizabeth Naumczyk of Diplomat Magazine; Olivier Ribbelink, Senior Researcher at the T.M.C. Asser Instituut and Associate Professor at Utrecht University, School of Law and Hilde Cadenau, LL.M, Programme Director of the International and European Law Bachelor Programme of The Hague University.

The award consists of Dutch state-of-the-art hand-made symbols with the crafted name of the recipient. Diplomat Magazine is the European press voice to promote the prize at the national and international level.

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