Monday, August 15, 2016

Greece, Israel, and social media

Facebook Message To: Brady Kiesling, former State Department colleague --- Brady, If you have a second, may I exploit your brain and ask you to summarize what this Greek-language piece says about "public diplomacy" (interesting linguistically that the English term is used). Best as always, john

image: author of Greek-language piece

Kind Kiesling response


Hi John, Hope you are thriving. Sorry to be slow in answering -- distracted by various things. The author was very impressed to meet an Israeli MFA official whose job was social media diplomacy. He thinks Greece needs people who can put out the good news about foreign investment in Greece (in particular, the Cosco purchase of Piraeus port -- almost the only good news there is). So social media should be tool of public diplomacy for investment promotion. Nothing earthshaking, but Greece sees Israel (particularly the lobby in Washington) as something to emulate/resent...

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