Sunday, August 14, 2016

Charlotte Osei should teach Agyapong a hard lesson in statesmanship

"Charlotte Osei should teach Agyapong a hard lesson in statesmanship,"

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And it sounds almost like watching a funny Hollywood movie and, yes, we said a funny Hollywood movie, with legislature and business mogul Kennedy Agyapong finally coming to terms with another of his signature episodes of childlike buffoonery, without so much as even acknowledging let alone doing the right thing, which is owning up to his much-criticized irresponsibility of badmouthing the Chair of the Electoral Commission (EC), Madam Charlotte Osei. ...
Ghana is in a sad state of political tartarology and absurdism because of such public figure’s unsecured open-defecation attitudinal commitment to verbal diarrhea in the particular sphere of public diplomacy. What is more, it is not that the country has never been sick before. It always had, certainly. ...
Statesmanship (public diplomacy) on the other hand requires a high level of emotional intelligence, strategic and tactical caution in rhetorical assertiveness, an informed conviction in one’s worldview and balance in perspectives, political correctness, ability to read one’s friends and enemies with the third eye, wisdom and skill, strategic and tactical respect for one’s enemies and so on.
As a politician Kennedy Agyapong, an unabashed phallocrat does not seem to possess any of these “noble” qualities, a sad case in and of itself. This is the more reason why Madam Charlotte Osei should consider teaching this phallocratic buffoon some hard lessons in statesmanship. ...

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