Friday, August 26, 2016

Uganda: Rapping the News for Youth Engagement

"Uganda: Rapping the News for Youth Engagement,"

Image from, with caption: Zoe Kabuye, 14, is a star "rap-orter" on the rapping Ugandan show NewzBeat.

Aug 25, 2016

In Uganda, a teenage “rap-orter” (rapper-reporter) is using music diplomacy to bridge the divide between youth and politics. Zoe Kabuye, who goes by the name MC Loy, regularly presents current events on Newzbeat, a program aired by Uganda's NTV channel to reach a young audience more interested in music than in politics. With half the population under 15, these weekly news programs have become a hugely popular means to broadcast information about education, corruption, politics and other local and world affairs. As this video from DW News demonstrates, music diplomacy can be a powerful platform for social good and youth engagement.

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