Wednesday, September 19, 2018

China denies any interference and requires “respect” of the USA

Dave Zakarian, The Koz Post (blog)

La Chine dément toute ingérence et exige le "respect" des USA
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“No interference’: China has defended itself Wednesday, seeking to influence the parliamentary elections in the United States, asking for “respect” for Donald Trump, who accuses Beijing of targeting his constituents in the trade war underway.

The two countries are engaged since several months in a standoff customs fired by Mr. Trump. It wishes in particular to get a reduction in the u.s. trade deficit through greater opening of the chinese market to the “made in USA”.

The White House announced Monday additional duties on goods from China, which represent $ 200 billion in annual imports. Beijing has countered by targeting the 60 billion dollars a year of american goods, including agricultural products and manufacturing. ...

Beijing tax already since July to the tune of 25% of the u.s. soybean, pressing where it hurts: the United States exported last year to China for $ 14 billion, or one-third of their production. The producers come from States that have mostly voted for Donald Trump.

It requires Beijing as it will reduce $ 200 billion in the colossal u.s. trade deficit, by further opening its market to U.s. products. He also complained of technology transfers, supposed to be forced.

China has also warned that it may not return to the table of negotiations aimed at finding a compromise with Washington.

“On one side and the United States invite us to resume the dialogue. And on the other, they threaten their with sanctions, pressure,” denounced the spokesman of china’s public diplomacy, [JB emphasis] Geng Shuang. He calls the White House to show “respect” and “sincerity”.

The chinese Prime minister Li Keqiang has blasted Wednesday’s “unilateralism” in a clear allusion to the United States.

“It is essential that we uphold the fundamental principles of multilateralism and free trade”, has hammered Mr. Li, in front of an audience of business leaders, opening the chinese edition of the world economic Forum in Tianjin ... .

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