Saturday, September 29, 2018

Viewpoint: Liquefied Natural Gas Solidifies Its Place in Panama

Naki Mendoza, AS/COA Online

LNG tanker in the Caribbean
image from article, with caption:  An LNG tanker.

Since the onset of the U.S. shale revolution a decade ago, U.S. gas has been seen as a public diplomacy [JB emphasis] tool to compete with Venezuela’s petro-political influence ... . Now, with the self-inflicted collapse of Venezuela’s oil sector and its inability to honor supply agreements under Petrocaribe, there is rising market-driven logic for the Caribbean to turn more to gas. ... 
The combination of abundant supply, market demand, and creative uses of existing LNG [liquefied natural gas] infrastructure is creating inroads for gas penetration in Latin America and the Caribbean. Governments, regulators, investors, and the aid community have many opportunities to partner together to accelerate that rollout and create a more tightly integrated market for a cleaner and more cost-efficient source of energy.

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