Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 PD Magazine Showcases the Power of Partnership


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The latest issue of Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] Magazine has released its Winter/Spring 2019 issue highlighting partnerships.
Editor-in-Chief Brooke Adams (MPD '19) describes the value of partnerships as "the belief that varied perspectives provide value." Illustrating the power of these perspectives to deepen the impact of public diplomacy goals, this issue is organized around three key facets of public diplomacy: advocacy, exchange and listening. Articles focus on real success stories of partnerships, from putting global pressure on governments, heightening diplomatic efforts domestically, collating intelligence to find more effective solutions to collective challenges and beyond. 
At a time when many may feel disheartened by their own ability to enact change, partnerships can provide opportunities to spread and strengthen messages.
Read the latest issue of PD Magazine here.
To read all issues of the online magazine, click here.

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