Wednesday, January 16, 2019

State Department’s Integrated Country Strategy for Greece published


State Department's Integrated Country Strategy for Greece published
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The State Department’s Integrated Country Strategy (ICS) for Greece recognizing the country’s position in the Eastern Mediterranean as being of key importance to US national security and energy priorities.

Below is the full report: ...

To combat attempts to destabilize the region, Mission Greece will support democratic institutions, transparency in governance, and initiatives which reduce foreign influence in religious and cultural spheres. The Mission will continue to foster strong US-Greek relations through people to people engagements. Mission Greece’s educational and cultural programs target youth, girls, and the next generation of leaders in business and civil society to promote a positive view of US-Greek relations and to foster greater civic understanding. Embassy Athens will focus on public diplomacy [JB emphasis] programs that attract investments in science and technology and promote entrepreneurship to help Greece continue on its path to economic recovery, firmly rooted in transatlantic institutions and playing a stabilizing role in the region. ...

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