Thursday, January 31, 2019

Trump -- a true 60's "peacenik"?

... Or, the Revenge of the Groovy Generation?

„If you remember the Sixties, you weren't there.“

--Grace Slick, Attributed to Slick in Bangkok Babylon (2006) by Jerry Hopkins, p. 217, and elsewhere, this was also attributed to Paul Kantner in The New Yorker, Vol. 67 (1991), Dennis Hopper in Roger Ebert's Movie Home Companion (1992), and in various books to numerous others, including Judy Collins, George Harrison, and comedian Robin Williams.

John Brown, from this blog. See also (1) (2)

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1. He got out of the Vietnam-era draft, claiming issues with his feet.

2. He went to prestigious for-the-rich, nearly-all-white upper-middle-class colleges, like so many "rebels" on prestigious USA campuses.

3. He "married" non-AmeriKan foreigners -- his two favorite ladies from Central Europe -- let's all groove together, baby, no matter your national origin; and I luv yr sexy accent/legs; forget about visas.

4. He went into 60's-like "sexual liberation," even after his business/working days -- centered around how the gossip-media know about his relationships with the TOS (look it up on Google) not born in the USA.

5. He shows little interest in "classic literature" or complicated/subtle prose, like many aged hippies preferring the social media to so-called NYT in-depth op-ed serious "communication."

6. He worried (evidently still worries) about how long his precious hair should be (a 60s male obsession?) [Note the long male head hair in the '60 above pix]

7. He takes drugs -- well, ok, it's only "Diet Coke."

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8. He's against American intervention in Iraq/Afghanistan ("Hey, Hey, LBJ, How many kids did you kill today?).

9. He's skeptical of the American "intelligence community." (Not to speak of the FBI), much like the late 60s cynical media reaction to "from official government sources."

10. He's also skeptical of the Pentagon and its generals/genitals and their "plans" for restoring American "influence"/leadership abroad.

11. He likes "Slavs" [slaves?] (his two wives, one former, one current, from that immensely variegated part of the world)   ...

My main (certainly not a "serious" question): "Is not Trump a child of the anti-institutional sixties?" Just asking ... And -- Whatever the importance of this question, what implications could it have (if any) for us ordinary Americans? As well as for American public diplomacy [JB emphasis] in general . ...


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