Saturday, March 9, 2019

#Diplocamp Brussels 2019 conclusions

News article,, 08-03-2019; see also "A sneak peak session: Digital Public Diplomacy [[JB emphasis] from Oxford" (25-01-2018)

The Hague Digital Diplomacy Camp is organised in cooperation with:
On 7 February 2019, you joined more than 150 diplomats, journalists, NGOs, academics, technologists and entrepreneurs came at the Dutch Embassy in Brussels where you basically organised your own event: Digital Diplomacy Camp 2019! Within the broad theme of the event (the impact of digitalization on diplomacy) you came up with your own sessions and created the entire programme of the day, on the day itself.

We want to once again share with you what you discussed with each other at #DiploCamp by sharing the notes you made. We went through them and cleaned them up (only a little bit – original versions still on the etherpads) and arranged them under general headings for readability. So please have a look at what you produced, re-read the main take-aways, and check out your (PRO) tips & tricks.

Thank you again for all your amazing contributions. You literally made the day!

The organising team of Digital Diplomacy Camp Brussels ...

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