Saturday, March 9, 2019

Israeli occupation of the West Bank

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The way the conflict is reported are extensively monitoring and analysed: in addition to Israel's public diplomacy [JB emphasis], intent on countering negative press images, there are also many private pro-Israeli organizations, among them CAMERAFLAMEHonestReportingPalestinian Media WatchCanary Mission and the Anti-Defamation League which claim much reportage is distorted. The term Pallywood was coined to suggest that Palestinian coverage of their plight is
manipulative  fake news. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt have argued that United States media coverage, compared to other countries, tilts strongly in Israel's favour.[j] This view that American media are biased against Palestinians has been challenged by authors who cite research that concluded most mainstream media have a "liberal" bias, a criticism extended to European outlets like Le Monde and the BBC.[40]   ...

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