Monday, March 18, 2019

@SecPompeo Announces Withdrawal of All US Personnel From Venezuela, Also Who Needs the Next Curveball?


Then there’s this, of course, which shows a willingness to assign blame because it was convenient and easy. This was also the week when #miltaryintervention was briefly trending on Twitter. It looks like that’s about to get loud again.

This reconstruction merges exclusive video with Colombian security footage. A molotov rag veers toward the aid truck and most likely started the fire. By @ckoettl @deborahacosta @drewjordanphoto & @singhvianjali. Story with @caseysjournal: 

Embedded video
Within minutes of the blaze, @marcorubio retweeted an unverified claim and wrote that Maduro's police set fire to the aid. @AmbJohnBolton - in his "new experiment in public diplomacy" [JB emphasis] - followed suit, as did @USAIDMarkGreen and @SecPompeo. Claims that went all the way to the UNSC

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