Friday, May 17, 2019

India 2024: Policy priorities for the new government

Shamika Ravi,

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A changing global order, energy transitions and climate change and rapid technological advancement – India’s next government has the difficult task of steering the country through an interesting and crucial time. India 2024: Policy Priorities for the New Government, is a compendium of policy briefs from scholars at Brookings India, which identifies and addresses some of the most pressing challenges that India is likely to face in the next five years. Each policy brief is based on longer, in-depth and academically rigorous publications from the scholars. ...
Our foreign policy experts ... suggest that India must adjust its strategies and structures ... . Any reforms ... however, are contingent upon building sufficient internal capability. The government must expand foreign services’ intake, train manpower and allot adequate resources for public diplomacy [JB emphasis] and outreach initiatives. Our experts also argue for urgent defence reforms —a strong, secure India needs defence self-reliance and indigenisation. ...

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