Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We Don’t Need a Palestinian Personality Cult

Odeh Bisharat, haaretz.com, May 13, 2019

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It seems as if the harder Israel hits on the Palestinians, the more obtuse and self-confident Palestinian leaders become. This is also the case with Hamas [JB see] in Gaza, with its suppression of the demonstrations there. ...

Why not call Abbas, [JB - see] “the sun of all peoples,” or at least, “the sun of the Middle East?” Why not “beloved leader” or “great leader” like in North Korea? The PA leadership’s modesty raises lots of questions. ...

[T]he governing structure surrounding Abbas is based on the pan-Arab mode – a model based on adulation of the leader, a lack of criticism and the distancing of anyone who thinks critically and independently. All that remains are the yes-men and the applauders. It’s sad to see Palestinian leader Saeb Erekat [JB - see], who has been leading a brilliant public diplomacy [JB emphasis] campaign for the Palestinians, proudly waving this booklet. ...

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