Monday, May 27, 2019

PDC Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Events

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Upcoming First Monday Forums: 

Monday, June 3, noon: PDC’s Nick Cull on his new book Public Diplomacy: Foundations for Global Engagement in the Digital Age
Mon. July 15 (note date), noon: New U.S. responses to authoritarians’ digital attacks on elections and democracy

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2019 Dues:
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Public Diplomacy News
Mon 5/20 noon MEI: “Migration, Investment, and Competition: The Middle East and the Horn of Africa”
Mon 5/20 3:30 pm GW: “China’s Envisioning of North Korea’s Future”
Mon 5/20 4 pm Wilson: “Spaces of (Post-) Soviet Dissent in Russia”
Tue 5/21 10 am CSIS: “Beyond Technology: The 4th Industrial Revolution in the Developing World”
Tue 5/21 10 am House Foreign Affairs Cmte: “Undermining Democracy: Kremlin Tools of Malign Political Influence”
Tue 5/21 10:30 am Heritage: “Visegrad Countries in the Transatlantic Alliance – Common Security, Shared Challenges”
Tue 5/21 noon East-West Ctr: “U.S.-Philippines Alliance 2.0: Continuities, Challenges, and Complexities”
Tue 5/21 12:30 pm MEI: “The Struggle for Palestinian Rights: Revisiting US Policy and International Law”
Tue 5/21 1 pm New America: “Violence Prevention in Southern Somalia”
Tue 5/21 2:45 pm Hudson: “Ukraine’s Uncertain Future: A Conversation with Ambassador Kurt Volker”
Tue 5/21 5 pm CSIS Book Event: “Jerusalem and Washington: A Life in Politics and Diplomacy”
Tue 5/21 6 pm Embassy of France: “DI[GI]PLOMACY”
Tue 5/21 6 pm Embassy of Romania at Union Stage: “ZMEI3: Rough Romanian Soul (Romania)”
 Wed 5/22 10:30 am Aspen: “Future of the U.S. Olympics Movement”
Wed 5/22 12:10 pm National Gallery of Art: “Kicinska/Cichocki/O’Leary Trio From Warsaw with Love: Polish – American Jazz for Springtime (Poland)”
Wed 5/22 12:30 pm MEI: “In Conversation with Theater Director Sahar Assaf”
Wed 5/22 2 pm NED: “What’s the Point of the Rule of Law?”
Wed 5/22 6 pm Embassy of Italy: “Telling a Story through Music” with composer Andrea Guerra”
Wed 5/22 7:30 pm Westminster: Purifying the Land of the Pure: Pakistan’s policies towards its religious minority populations
Thu 5/23 9 am USIP: “Managing Forced Displacement in Africa”
Thu 5/23 9:30 am CSIS: “The Venezuela-Bolivarian Global Money Laundering Empire”
Thu 5/23 2:30 pm The Dialogue: “Negotiating with China during peacetime, crisis, and conflict”
Thu 5/23 6:30 pm Confucius Inst: “Books and Boba” book discussion
 Fri 5/24 10 am CSIS: “Sino-Russian Relations: Evolution, Prospects, and Challenges”

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