Friday, September 18, 2015

Lies, lies he shall pursue

Nadav Shragai,

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Hearing what Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says is unbelievable; reading reports of his remarks causes you to rub your eyes. Israel is the one who is "sullying" and "polluting" and "desecrating" the Temple Mount? We, who in a moment of weakness in 1967 made a decision that would cause sorrow for generations, de facto giving up our holiest place and the right to pray there, when things could have been otherwise? We, who repeatedly close the area to Jews because of Palestinian threats and violence? We, who tiptoe there, sometimes out of proper respect and sometimes because of disproportionate fear? We're the filthy ones? Who barred Jews from entering the compound during this past Ramadan so as not to offend the hundreds of thousands of Muslim worshippers who filled the plaza? (It's too bad that Israel's public diplomacy efforts didn't take advantage of those images.) ...

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