Sunday, September 27, 2015

What Data Tells Us About Public Interest In Climate Change And Its Global News Coverage

Kalev Leetaru,

Image from article, with caption: Map of locations mentioned in worldwide news media in 65 languages in context with discussion of climate change February 19, 2015 to September 25, 2015 as monitored by the GDELT Project [see] (Click on image to open interactive clickable/zoomable map) (Credit: Kalev Leetaru)

Through the lens of massive amounts of data we are able to take a topic dominating the headlines of the week and explore how the world is internalizing it, gaining new insight into both public interest and the information environment surrounding it. Through the map above can see that climate change impacts the entire world and that its impact varies by continent, but that despite all of this media coverage, over the last eight years the web-searching public has steadily decreased its interest in the latest information and news about climate change, even as major world leaders make the topic a central thrust of their public diplomacy.

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