Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Intensive Training in Soft Diplomacy Skills


Join the ISPD for this series of fascinating seminars presented by experts on public diplomacy, negotiations skills, media, cross-cultural communication and many others!

Soft diplomacy resides in the ability to influence others to obtain specific outcomes employing tactful techniques to gain strategic advantage or to find common solutions to a challenge. The use of soft diplomacy instruments shifts attitude from coercion to a non-confrontational action. Its roots and resources rely on policies, culture and values. Soft diplomacy tools include public diplomacy, negotiation techniques, cultural understanding and cross cultural communication proficiency, intelligent use of public relations and media relations competence. Moreover, sociological and anthropological analyses of current prominent civilisations such as the Middle East, China, Africa or India set understanding from the current status quo to the international future crafting.
Soft Diplomacy Skills seminar is composed of 4 days of intensive training, 8 fascinating lectures:

- Public Diplomacy Applied (3 h)
- Relations with the Media (3 h)
- Cross Cultural Awareness (3 h)
- European perceptions of Arab Culture (3 h)
- The Rise of China (3 h)
- Relations with sub-Saharan Africa (3 h)
- India Insights (3 h)
- Negotiation Skills (3 h)

If you wish to get more information about this programme, please contact the ISPD Front Office.

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