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Islands Society Making Waves with Members of Congress

Congresswoman Aumua Amata encourages American Samoans to take advantage of nonprofit's programs.

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Honolulu, HI, October 03, 2015 --- Congresswoman Aumua Amata (American Samoa) has issued a press release in which she "applauds" the Islands Society for its work to inspire and empower islanders in Hawaii, the U.S. Pacific territories, and Compact of Free Association countries to participate in foreign affairs and overseas engagement. Specifically, she recognized the nonprofit's efforts to increase the involvement of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in American foreign policy and public diplomacy.

“I am always encouraged whenever I learn of new organizations whose mission is to help promote and assist Pacific Islanders in achieving their goals,” said Amata. “It is the work of these organizations that has helped many of our people reach higher and do more than they ever thought possible, and I encourage our young people to get involved and take advantage of the opportunities that groups like the Islands Society provide."

“As we move forward into the 21st Century and the world grows smaller through technology, we must make sure that our young people have the tools and opportunities that will help propel them into leadership positions and the knowledge necessary to compete on a global scale. The Islands Society is another valuable asset that can help empower our people and I want to thank them for the hard work they do,” added Amata.

Over the last two years, the Islands Society has worked hard to establish itself as one of the leading organizations working to engage Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as active participants in foreign affairs. Much of this work has been undertaken by the Pacific Islands Society - the nonprofit's constituent society based in Honolulu, Hawaii. In fact, Congresswoman Aumua's remarks represent the latest in a series of endorsements of the Pacific Islands Society by senior policymakers and young leaders on foreign policy.

“We are very grateful and honored to have the continued support from members of Congress," says Keiko Ono, Managing Director of the Pacific Islands Society. "We believe the ongoing support from political leaders from American Samoa and beyond will help us to conduct community diplomacy through wider and more inclusive strategic dialogues with island communities. We therefore truly appreciate the public support of members of Congress – particularly those from Hawaii and the U.S. Pacific territories. They affirm that we are continuing to make progress towards our goal of ensuring that all islanders have the opportunity to realize their full potential on the world stage.”

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