Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19: Readers have their say about IBA English news

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With the demise of IBA TV news in English, anglophones here are deprived of an understandable information service that is essential in the current situation.

For many years now, I – and, I am glad to learn, others like me – have been complaining about the need for more public diplomacy, not less. So how does our wise government approach the issue? By eliminating totally all local English-language news broadcasts on TV (“Fade out for IBA English news,” October 13).
The policy seems to be: “Let the bastards find out for themselves, and then, if they want facts and opinions, let them ask Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for his views.”
Does our government not realize how important it is to tell our story in English? Hebrew is not exactly a worldwide language.
Apparently, the government thinks it is.
It seems I shall have to make do with the excellent reporting and commentary provided by The Jerusalem Post. But this is not the same.
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