Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Failure Of Hillary Clinton's “Smart Power” Foreign Policy Led To The Current Global Migration Chaos

Adam Topolansky,

image from article

Initially proclaimed to be a major success, the smart power foreign policy strategy that she [Clinton]  devised and encouraged led to catastrophic failures in the longer run. Smart power does not mean a laid back, passive foreign policy at all. It is an active, aggressive and interventionist foreign policy. The only difference from the previous Bush policies is that it refrained from the use of large-scale military power and resorted to academia, foreign intelligence, civil society, technology and development to implement its goals instead. Unlike conservatives, who rely on military power as the main tool of statecraft, liberal internationalists see trade, diplomacy, foreign aid, and the spread of American values as equally important. We in Hungary have felt the foul breath of smart power through HC’s [Hillary Clinton] ambassadors Kounalakis (appointed by Obama) and the rough-and-tumble of Mr. Goodfriend. ...
Clinton has touted development as a tool of national strategy, spending $8 billion last year on global health and boosting public diplomacy funds for the U.S. embassy in Pakistan from $2 million to $50 million to get recognition for the billions in aid the U.S. has spent there. “As we look at how we manage the Arab Spring,” Clinton told TIME magazine, “we are trying to influence the direction, with full recognition that we don’t have ownership and we don’t have control.” Right she was. U.S. foreign policies have indeed gotten „out of control” rapidly in the wake of the Arab Spring. The current migration chaos therefore is a consequence of these failed experimentations. ...

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