Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A reminder: Public diplomacy is, of course, not diplomacy, according to some ...

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 Excerpt from The Jerusalem Post:
Although Israel has suspended talks with EU officials on the diplomatic process, senior foreign ministry officials participated in Brussels on Wednesday with EU representatives in the ninth annual symposium on anti-Semitism.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed the foreign ministry last month to suspend talks with the EU on the Palestinian track because of its decision to label settlement products. Non-diplomatic discussions with the EU, however, are continuing, with the Brussels seminar a case in point.
The head of the Foreign Ministry's public diplomacy division, Yuval Rotem, led Israel's delegation to the two day talks that will focus on the battle against anti-Semitism, racism and incitement on social media, and on providing security for Europe's Jews amid persistent anti-Semitism there. ... 

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