Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Good news: Federal morale has finally bottomed out. Bad news: It’s still terrible.

Lisa Rein, washingtonpost.com

image from article
Only a third of the agents, officers and other staff at the Secret Service are happy with their jobs and would recommend the agency responsible for protecting the president as a good place to work, a survey released Tuesday found. ...
The survey shows a big gap between the happiness of senior executives —of whom 82.9 percent like their jobs, a 1.1-point increase from 2014 — and the rest of the overall workforce, which came in at 58.1 percent.
Employees say they are committed to their agency’s mission, which may explain why NASA, with it cutting-edge research, technology and space exploration tops the list as the best large place to work in the government for a fourth year running. The intelligence community follows in the No. 2 spot. with the Justice and State departments tied for third. ...

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