Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hooray for the Snitches of Breaking the Silence

Gideon Levy,

Image from article, with caption: Breaking the Silence employees at the organization's Tel Aviv office, December 16, 2015.

The Israeli soldiers who expose the crimes of the occupation are much braver than the cowards who shoot to death Palestinian girls wielding scissors.

Hooray for those who won’t keep silent in the face of those crimes, hooray to Breaking the Silence.
The wave of savage incitement against the NGO, Breaking the Silence, consists of two contentions — that they’re liars and that they’re snitches. The first is false, the second is absurd. Nobody has caught Breaking the Silence in a lie, not even the imposter MK Oren Hazan. So much for the first contention. The second is even more fallacious – there’s no other way to reveal the truth but the one adopted by the organization. ...
Breaking the Silence’s thousand witnesses are the army’s elite commando unit, the most excellent of soldiers, the most daring, most patriotic of them. Their day of glory will come. They are much braver than the cowards who shoot to death girls wielding scissors. They are the only ones who can still save the IDF’s lost honor in the world. If Israeli public diplomacy is still effective anywhere in the world, it’s thanks to Breaking the Silence. If there’s still a chance to talk to people of conscience in the world, it’s thanks to the “snitches.” ...

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