Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's regularity for Azerbaijan to escalate border situation ahead of Armenia and Azerbaijani presidents’ meeting: Larisa Alaverdyan:


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Escalation of the situation on the border ahead of the meeting of Armenia and Azerbaijani presidents has become regularity for the official Baku.
Armenpress reports that Larisa Alaverdyan, Executive Director of “The Foundation Against the Violation of Law”, first Human Rights Defender of Armenia, expressed such an opinion. According to her, Azerbaijan, as always, tries to secure its positions before the presidents’ meeting. Moreover, it shows dissatisfaction with the OSCE MG format. ...
In regard to diplomacy conducted by Armenia, Alaverdyan emphasized that the Armenian diplomacy is not only the one conducted by the executive body. Parliamentary and public diplomacy are also important. According to her, the ideas, which the executive body will find hard to put into circulation, will be more available for parliamentary diplomacy. ...

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