Saturday, December 12, 2015

Public Diplomacy Out?

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As I keep on compiling -- for my sins, which are many -- my "Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review," I am struck by how the mid-1960s-American-produced term  -- "public diplomacy" -- while having become international in past decades, now seems to be used, increasingly less, by the USA mainstream media and the current U.S. powers that be.

From my non-scientific media observations, PD as a verbal/policy expression seems indeed less and less USA-mentioned, while it does increasingly appear, in its English-language formulation, in foreign news reports (e.g., China, India, Israel, Turkey) written in the world's lingua franca.

Instead of PD, in our so-called homeland we now have "smart power," "counter-SIS-narrative/messaging," etc. Propaganda is of course a no-no.

Interesting linguistic development ... See my "Smart Power in, Public Diplomacy Out."

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