Wednesday, January 6, 2016

At Rabin funeral, Netanyahu lamented that PM died a ‘hero,’ US diplomat says

Rebeca Shimoni Stoil, January 6, 2016,

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Jerusalem denies claims aired in PBS film on the fraught ties between the Israeli leader and Obama’s White House

Tuesday night in a two-hour-long PBS “Frontline” documentary ... advisers for the Israeli prime minister and US President Barack Obama traded tales – and barbs – to advance their perspectives on how and why the relationship between the two allied states went so sour in recent years. ...
Covering Netanyahu’s life from his move to America as a seven-year-old through his March 2015 speech before Congress, the documentary purports to track his political trajectory, from his early days as a public diplomacy whiz kid through his rise to Likud leadership by way of his strident critique of the Oslo Accords and his tussles with Clinton, which prefigured the tension that would develop between him and Obama almost a decade later. ...

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