Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hillary's North Korea problem

Michael Hirsh,

Image from article, with caption: During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton oversaw a hands-off approach to North Korea with a policy called "strategic patience."

Her 'strategic patience' didn't curb the rogue nation's nuclear ambitions — but neither did any previous policies.

In a statement issued by her campaign, Clinton indirectly defended her approach to North Korea. "As secretary, I championed the United States' pivot to the Asia Pacific — including shifting additional military assets to the theater— in part to confront threats like North Korea and to support our allies," she said. "I worked to get not just our allies but also Russia and China on board for the strongest sanctions yet." ...
Even so, a hallmark of Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State was to avoid getting involved in too many major direct negotiations over critical issues, which she often left to special envoys like Richard Holbrooke, George Mitchell, and, in the case of North Korea, to Stephen Bosworth, who just died this week. Much of her tenure was spent on so-called “soft” diplomacy, delivering tough messages to foreign leaders in speeches and doing nonstop public diplomacy. ...

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