Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mark Leonard - Public Diplomacy (2002) [Found on the web]

Mark Leonard with Catherine Stead and Conrad Smewing, Public Diplomacy [full text]

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Public Diplomacy


1. Introduction: Why Public Diplomacy?
2. The Three Dimensions of Public Diplomacy

--News Management
--Strategic Communications
--Relationship Building

3. Competitive and Co-operative Public Diplomacy

--Co-operative Diplomacy
--Competitive Diplomacy

4. Keeping our head in a crisis

--Rapid Reaction and Surge Capability
--Internal Co-ordination
--International Co-ordination
--Reconciling Long and Short-term goals

5. Beyond propaganda: working in a complex information

--Understanding the target audience
--Beyond one-way communications
--Engaging the emotional as well the rational
--Proving your relevance

6. Diplomacy by stealth: working with others to achieve our goals

--NGO Diplomacy
--Diaspora Diplomacy
--Political Party Diplomacy
--Brand Diplomacy
--Business Diplomacy

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