Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Note from the Fulbright Association

via LJB by email
The erosion of the Fulbright Program is nearing a tipping point after years of flat funding, the threatened cuts of 2014, and thirty-odd years of multi-directional attacks on the Program. Those concerned have a way to help.

The Fulbright Association (FA), the organization of its US alumni, is doing what it can, thanks to leadership of Executive Director Jennifer Gennaro Oxley and her lean staff. However, the FA lacks the Foreign Service experience and Fulbright savvy that State-USIA retirees and informed spouses can bring.

Working with Ms. Oxley, volunteer energies can be tailored to experience, skills and passions: tasks might include networking with international alumni groups, stimulating FA chapters at US universities, deepening relations with State/ECA and overseas cultural offices, sparking country-specific groups, writing.

FA needs a few hours of dedicated help, either in its L Street office or from home. To learn more, contact: Kamilla Hassen, assistant to Executive Director, at 202.775.0725 (

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