Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Retired admiral, James G. Stavridis, is being vetted as a possible running mate for Mrs. Clinton (NYT)

NYT (excerpt)

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During his four years as NATO’s supreme allied commander, he oversaw
operations in the Middle East — Afghanistan, Libya and Syria — as well as in the
Balkans and piracy off the coast of Africa.
The Clinton campaign declined requests for comment, and Mr. Stavridis
declined to comment other than referring calls to the campaign. The person with
knowledge of the vetting spoke anonymously because of the sensitive nature of the
In 2012, Mr. Stavridis was investigated for having improperly used a military aircraft to fly with his wife to an exclusive party in Burgundy, France with winemakers. He was later cleared of misconduct after a long Pentagon investigation into his travel and expenses, including trips he took with his wife, daughter and mother. The Pentagon inspector general’s report ultimately concluded that he had failed to exercise sufficient oversight over staff members, and had made several bookkeeping mistakes. ...
James G. Stavridis
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Excerpt (without links)
Stavridis retired from the Navy in 2013 after thirty years of service and became dean of the Fletcher School in the summer 2013. ...
Dean of the Fletcher School [edit]
Stavridis was appointed dean of the Fletcher School on July 1, 2013. He frequently publishes his thoughts, opinions and analyses in myriad publications, including the Western Hemisphere policy publication Americas Quarterly and the United States Naval Institute's blog.
As dean, Stavridis has initiated a strategic planning process, invited several high level speakers to the campus, and is focusing thematically on the Arctic, the role of women in international relations, synthetic biology and its impact on foreign affairs, cyber, and the role of online media and social networks in public diplomacy.[21] ...

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