Monday, August 8, 2016

Beyond conflict

Melito Salazar Jr., "Beyond conflict,"

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The early months of the Duterte administration is bringing fresh hopes of better Philippines-Chinese relationships which has given proponents of peace and progress through fair and equitable partnerships an opportunity to put forward suggestions for improving relationships. A structured sharing was crafted under the auspices of the Center for Philippine Studies Institute of Southeast Asian Studies of Jinan University, Guangzhou China, and the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies, Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence, and Terrorism Research and the Philippine-Chinese Friendship Clubs. I joined other respected and recognized Chinese-Philippine analysts give their prognosis on the “Future of Philippine-Chinese relationships: Beyond Conflict.” ...
Dr. You Hong-Bo, assistant professor of the School of International Relations, Sun Yat-sen University, traces the quick development of media diplomacy and argues that Weibo which has become an important tool of public diplomacy be used to better Philippine-China relations. ...

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