Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hearing of proposed envoys from foreign service concludes

"Hearing of proposed envoys from foreign service concludes,"

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The [Nepalese] Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee has concluded hearing of all eight ambassadorial nominees picked from the foreign service. ...
During today’s hearing, lawmakers asked Joint Secretary [Lok Bahadur] Thapa as to how he would contribute to the country if he were appointed ambassador to Belgium and the European Union. ...
He said he would particularly focus on exploring engagement in areas of bilateral and multilateral trade, investment, technology transfer, development assistance, as well as public diplomacy, among others.
“I believe that diplomacy in the 21st century is not only symbolic. It should be substantive,” he said. “If endorsed as an envoy, I will utilise my experience of 27 years in the diplomatic service to bring visible changes in the best interests of the country.” ...

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