Saturday, August 6, 2016

Will Brexit impact Pakistan?

Tashfeen Jamal, "Will Brexit impact Pakistan?"

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Brexit might not have a profound impact on bilateral Pak-UK political relations but would have significant import based implications for Pakistan at multilateral fora. In the words of Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Min[i]ster of Information and Broadcasting: “at the EU institutions where Pakistan has been traditionally reliant on British support, Pakistani diplomacy would be challenged to proactively befriend non-British influential member states where Pakistani diaspora has insignificant electoral influence over MPs”. He genuinely considers that Pakistan will have to refashion its public diplomacy to woo other EU countries for exploring better economic markets and political opportunities to influence decision making process in the big EU countries.
It is believed that a UK, free from the EU, will be keen to improve its trade relationships with Commonwealth partners. IMF forecasts that by 2019, Commonwealth will overtake the EU in world's economic output. At Commonwealth, Pakistan will be outweighed by India due to the latter's large market size and economic importance. This political factor alone will need to be addressed by Pakistan’s foreign office in its revised policy making decisions while strategising Pakistan’s public diplomacy overtures towards Britain and the EU separately. ...

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