Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Facebook comment on Poland's public diplomacy .... Professor Robert Frost and Professor Andrzej Nowak won the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Historical Competition. It was organ...

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John Brown [entry slightly edited] "“Public diplomacy should reach out directly to opinion makers abroad with a message that promotes the national interest. We can do it most effectively by communicating with foreigners in an attractive and clear way,” said the MFA’s Deputy Minister JanDziedziczak launching the conference." JB comment: Re "subtlety/irony" in practicing public diplomacy, as opposed to the Minister's clear, straight-laced "propaganda" (what else can I call it) -- In my years in Poland as a US dip (late 80s, granted ages ago), what I found its distinguished citizens least receptive to was so-called "clear" [simplistic] propaganda -- which does not describe the often complex, unattractive human condition we all share -- I guess now what Poland's "attractive and clear" time is The-Thing-To-Be ... Let's all read Superman comics ... Let Poland be Poland ...

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