Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Bibi puts his foot in it

Paul Rockower, Levantine

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Culinary Diplomacy done sh-t f-cking wrong: Bibi serves Japan's PM Abe dessert in a shoe.[JB: see]

There isn't a culture in the world that would consider this an acceptable thing to do to your worst enemy, let alone the prime minister of the world's third largest economy and a culture that values honor above all else. In days past, such an insult would have led to a Hattori Hanzo sword being brandished.

Bibi is the worst shlemiel and deserves to be tried for crimes against gastrodiplomacy [JB: see] -- among the litany of other offenses of which he is guilty. This inept, bumbling schmuck already put his foot through Oslo and is about to put his foot through the Iran nuclear accords.

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