Sunday, May 6, 2018

Minister Falah Mustafa's Speech at Inaugural Ceremony of Ostrava Technical University

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Dr. Yousef Goran, Prof. Howri Mansurberg
KRG Officials,
Dear members of the Academic Community, Students and Staff,
Distinguished Guests,

I’m delighted to be here with you on behalf of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations to celebrate together the inauguration of the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava here in Erbil.

KRG views academic exchange as a key pillar of its public diplomacy. [JB emphasis]Through academic and educational exchange we intend to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the Kurdistan Region and other nations.

I am confident that the opening of this university will bring our peoples closer to each other and will provide more opportunities for cultural and educational activities, also I would like to begin with extending gratitude and appreciation to everyone who contributed to making today possible through establishing the necessary channels of communication and cooperation.

Today’s inauguration marks another milestone in our path towards progress and prosperity in the Kurdistan Region. This is a special occasion as we are here together in a post war phase taking on the responsibility of working to enrich and expedite the recovery process and to further nurture the academic environment of our Region.

We are also here to reaffirm and value our longstanding relations with the Czech Republic. Initiatives of such form are a confirmation of our close ties through the years, It also provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on past achievements as well as on our future cooperation.

The relations that connect Kurdistan Region with the Czech Republic are indeed rewarding, and we take great pride in having you as our partner. We hope that we can continue working together for the benefit and for the prosperity of both sides. ...

I am confident that the many activities and events that will take place during the coming years will continue to tie the bonds in-between us. Thereby our relationship will continue to deepen and prosper in the years to come.

We hope that this opens the door for more universities in the Czech Republic and EU Countries to open branches of their universities and institutions in our Region. On behalf of KRG DFR, I would like to once again thank you all who turned this dream into reality and for this significant initiative and wish you many prosperous academic years ahead.

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