Thursday, July 20, 2017

Israel Escalates Threats Against Iran

Amos Harel,

Image from article, with caption: Smoke rises from fighting in Syria, as seen from the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. June 2017

Ex-national security adviser warns that Israel must prevent Iranian infrastructure in Syria at any cost. The explicit threat to Iran and Hezbollah is not an official declaration, but foreign governments will find it hard to ignore


The explanation for Israel’s moves on the Lebanese front is obvious. The Security Council will soon hold its periodic debate on the implementation of Resolution 1701 and the extension of UNIFIL’s mandate in southern Lebanon.

Israel thus has an interest in exposing Hezbollah’s violations, as well as what it describes as UNIFIL’s apathy to or deliberate disregard of these violations.

This would push the UN peacekeeping force to be more aggressive in its dealings with Hezbollah – and also lay the public-diplomacy groundwork should a military conflict erupt in Lebanon. ...

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