Saturday, July 22, 2017

Recent tweets on Public Diplomacy (from Google Search)

  1. . has turned citizen services and humanitarian visa outreach (usually under the radar) into big public diplomacy wins:
  2. Agree that public diplomacy should always be part of broader diplomatic strategy - might or not be about values
  3. "Public diplomacy has to be more than a monologue or a dialogue, it has to be participatory": my take
  4. Excited to participate @ the |n Festival, UK, this weekend. I'll be talking on media strategy & public diplomacy. Festival program👇🏾
  5. Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the Nation
  6. Out now! report shows bolstered by the election of in top spot. Read on:
  7. My new book on "Poland's New Ways of Public Diplomacy" was published by Peter Lang!
  8. serves as a beacon of diplomatic success by cultivating overseas public opinion in support of our nation.

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