Monday, July 31, 2017

MS ‎Ocean Dream makes maiden visit to Vladivostok port

Image from (one of several) from article,  with caption: MS ‎Ocean Dream makes maiden visit to Vladivostok port 

‎The cruise ship Ocean Dream has made her first call this year at the Port of Vladivostok. Today, July 31, 2017 at 09:45 am the ship with over 1,200 tourists on board from South Korea and Japan docked at the Marine Cruise Terminal of Vladivostock, the PortNews correspondent reported from the port. ‎

The Ocean Dream will stay in Vladivostok for 13 hours. Then the cruise vessel will continue her cruise to Japan. Traditionally Vladivostok port hosted a welcoming ceremony for the maiden call of the ship. The ceremony included performance by musical ensembles and an exhibition of paintings by local artists and the cruise ship guests were offered the city sightseeing tour. ‎

‎The 205-metre-long, 11-deck cruise ship MS Ocean Dream (built in 1982 at a Denmark shipyard; overhauled in 1998, modernised in 2007) since 2012 is part of the fleet of Japan headquartered International organization Peace Boat.

The cruise ship called at the Port of Vladivostok under the auspices of this charitable organization that through public diplomacy promotes peace, protect the environment and helps develop cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere in the world. ‎

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