Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What impact will Patrick Ho corruption case have on Chinese companies doing business in the US?

Alvin Lum, South China Morning Post; see also (1)

Image result for Former Hong Kong minister Patrick Ho Chi-ping faces the prospect of a long jail sentence.
Patrick Ho Chi-ping image from article

Former Hong Kong minister Patrick Ho Chi-ping made at least 116 trips to 30 countries in Central and North America, the Middle East and Africa in the three years before his arrest in 2017 for bribery and money laundering involving US$2.9 million.

As the head of a think tank fully funded by Chinese oil giant CEFC China Energy from 2010, he pursued business and promoted what he called “public diplomacy” [JB emphasis] for China through a global network of contacts.

Some of his trips to Africa, however, are now expected to cost him several years in jail, after he was convicted last Wednesday of bribery and money laundering in New York. Ho, who was arrested in November 2017, is being held on remand until his sentencing on March 14. ...

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