Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CPD Research Fellowship program


As part of its commitment to building the field of public diplomacy, CPD conducts research into thematic areas of perennial interest and identifies emerging trends deserving of further scholarship. CPD welcomes research proposals that match these initiatives. To this end, each year scholars are invited to apply for the non-residential CPD Research Fellowship program. All in-house research and related CPD events are designed to bridge the gap between academic and professional work in these areas. Current research initiatives are listed below:

Rising Soft Power in a Multipolar World
This initiative explores the practices and trends in global engagement in emerging markets of varying political persuasions, including, but not limited to, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia, and Turkey. It seeks to provide greater understanding of the forces reshaping public diplomacy and cultural relations globally.

Global Youth and the Next Generation of U.S. Public Diplomacy
Given global demographic shifts and emergent digital technologies, keeping a pulse on how the next generation views the United States is critical to the country’s public diplomacy and international engagement. CPD will monitor and analyze global youth perception of the U.S. and explore creative and collaborative ways to positively engage this key demographic.

Public Diplomacy Performance and Evaluation in the Digital Age
Accurately evaluating public diplomacy activities continues to prove challenging to practitioners around the world. CPD intends to conceptualize PD evaluation as an integral part of strategic planning and provide analytic tools to assist those conducting public diplomacy. We will also define what is measurable and not measurable for policy-making purposes.

Public Diplomacy and Global Development
As non-state actors become increasingly engaged in global development, CPD will create a framework for understanding the relationship between international development and public diplomacy and the role non-state actors can play in the process. Analysis of water diplomacy, corporate diplomacy efforts and specific international aid projects will continue.

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