Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Op-Ed: Taking on the Boycotts

Nothing short of a mission to destroy BDS [see] is acceptable. Concerted, threatening, rigorous and resolute actions brought down Jim Crow and freed Soviet Jews. Get out there!

Harold Goldmeier, israelnationalnews

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Counter BDS activities are heating up on four fronts. First, Israel advocates are compiling a $50m war chest to “take on” campus-based BDS. Knesset members under guidance from leadership on the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committees are targeting BDS using counter-intelligence tactics to stop what ministers label a form of terrorism.
Third, independents like Stand With Us are using social media in proactive ways. Last, Gilad Erdan is PM Netanyahu’s sobriquet Minister of BDS. His charge is to strategize against BDS under the rubrique “public safety, strategic affairs and public diplomacy.” ...
Pro-Israel groupthink must be mean and tough. Change the language, tone and tenor. Battling BDS is a political/psychological war against terror. Roundtable discussions, dinner circuit speeches, and Jews’ penchant for kumbaya shackle Israel advocates to defensive instead of proactive actions. ...
If a movement is not controversial it’s not worth the fight. Teach the art of political theatre to thousands of Israel advocacy students and professional demonstrators. Deploy them as ready-to-roll commando units flooding campuses, administration buildings, and TV news stations, students or not, on critical days like anti-Israel Apartheid Week. ...
Play loud music when BDS Muslim students are trying to pray. 
Put on street theatre performances portraying the beheadings and rapes of gays and non-Muslims.
Replicate Muslim slave markets by pulling cages with girls and boys.
Train videographers to capture these actions, and share them on You Tube.
Change tactics often. Be as vile as the law allows if the object is to annihilate BDS.  In the words of King David, “Let all my foes be shamed and utterly confounded….”

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