Friday, December 4, 2015

Despite Kahlon's Warnings, Netanyahu Courts the Israeli Right

Yossi Verter,

The chances Zionist Union will join the coalition seem slimmer than ever. Meanwhile, scandals are threatening Habayit Hayehudi.

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[W]e need to look at the antics of the ... hero (or antihero) of the state comptroller’s report that was released this week: Habayit Hayehudi leader and Education Minister Naftali Bennett. He’s what’s known as a recidivist, an offender who repeats the same offenses, whether he’s not aware of the gravity of his deeds or – and this is more likely in the present case –whether he actually is very aware but doesn’t give a hoot. ...
[T]his week – surprise! – who’s the star of the comptroller’s report on financing during the 2015 campaign, with the same disdain for the law?
In the past three years, Bennett has paid fines of more than 50,000 shekels (about $12,000) to the state coffers. The affluent high-tech whiz who in his previous career made more than one successful exit couldn’t care less. ...
The response of the education minister’s bureau to the report is highly instructive: “The minister will study the report respectfully when he returns from a hasbara [public diplomacy] mission abroad and will correct all that requires correcting to avert a recurrence of these things. “Respectfully,” “hasbara mission abroad,” “avert a recurrence” – are we alone in thinking that this sentence was written amid gales of laughter in a kosher New York restaurant? ...

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